The East Midlands Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training (emCETT) has provided blended support through the practitioner–led action research programme to 63 practitioners or groups of practitioners from organisations reflecting the diversity of the education and training sector across England. This programme, part of The Education and Training Foundation’s practitioner research support programme, has helped practitioners to design and undertake their own action research projects. Projects have supported the practitioners’ organisational improvement strategies and the Foundation’s commitment to supporting professional development in our sector, and delivering better outcomes for learners. A complementary strand of the Foundation’s programme was provided by SUNCETT, designed around their Research Development Advocate (RDA) and Research Development Fellowship (RDF) model.

Practitioner-led action research (PLAR) aims to improve and to involve. There should be improvements in:

  • practice;
  • understanding of the practice by its practitioners; and
  • the situation in which the practice takes place.

(Adapted from Carr, W. and Kemmis, S. (1986) Becoming Critical: Education Knowledge and Action Research, Routledge p165)

A summary of the outcomes and impact from the blended learning strand of the programme  has been produced to be shared with the sector.

This site both summarises the work undertaken and showcases the action research reports produced by the participants.

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