Participants in the programme were invited to provide feedback mid-way and at the end through the use of an online survey.

  • 75% of participants completed the end of programme survey
  • 47 practitioners worked on the research with nearly 200 other members of staff
  • 47 practitioners worked with nearly 1,500 learners

On a scale of 1 – 5 (with 1 being not helpful to 5 being very helpful) participants rated the support they had received on average as:

  • their regional adviser – 4.8
  • the Introduction to Action Research module – 4.3
  • the Multimodal Reporting Guide – 4.4
  • the programme Pearltree – 3.5

Support and resources were excellent and really helped me to conduct the research in a robust, professional and timely manner.

On a scale of 1 – 5 (with 1 being not at all to 5 being to a large extent) participants rated how their knowledge, understanding and skills in the following areas had increased with a rating average of:

  • deepening knowledge and understanding of your project topic – 4.5
  • understanding how action research process can improve learner outcomes –  4.4
  • increasing your skills in using technology in your practice –  4.4

Participants intend to share their findings in the following ways:

Sharing research findings96% intend to continue their involvement in research/use of research.