Participants in emCETT’s practitioner-led action research programme had the opportunity of submitting portfolios for Level 5 accreditation. This is an optional QCF unit which provides all of the 15 optional credits needed to complete the Certificate in Education and Training and one third of the required 45 optional credits required to complete the Diploma in Education and Training.

This unit covers the following areas of activity and underpinning knowledge:

  1. understanding the purpose and nature of action research;
  2. initiating action research;
  3. understanding ways of carrying out action research;
  4. carrying out action research;
  5. presenting the outcomes of action research; and;
  6. a critical evaluation of your practice in carrying out action research.

Candidates undertook their accreditation through a blended learning model. They had access to:

  • an evidence guide
  • a national webinar
  • an online forum
  • remote support from a national tutor
Also, many thanks for the very comprehensive feedback on my Level 5 assignment….It has truly been a labour of love to undertake the module which has worked really well with the actual emCETT project objectives.  Thoroughly enjoyed the journey and the benefits gained are no exception.

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