Research projects spanned the whole assessment cycle, from initial through to summative, with a particular emphasis on assessment for learning (AfL). Many of the research teams found that learners benefited when they were provided with ways of analysing their own progress, through effective questioning and receiving tangible feedback from teachers and each other. Read more

L. Pannewitz Bicton College (assessment)Organisation: Bicton College
Contact: Laura Pannewitz
Title: Are learners better able to retain and use information if taught and prepared for formative assessment rather than summative?
Format: YouTube Video  Other themes: Teaching methods

K.Glencross(Camblecom)Organisation: Cablecom Training Ltd
Contact: Karen Glencross
Title: Assessing the impact of assessment for learning focussing on learner progress and achievement
Format: Poster

P.Stone Exeter CollegeOrganisation: Exeter College
Contact: Pippa Stone
Title: How far does target setting improve individual performance in adult ESOL E3 provision and Media and Performing Arts BTEC Extended/Subsidiary Diplomas?
Format:  Website

R. Galvani (Hackney CC)Organisation: Hackney Community College
Contact: Robert Galvani
Title: Developing Formative Assessment in Teaching Practice
Thinglink Other themes: Teaching methods


D.Piercy1(SelbyColl)Organisation: Selby College
Contact: Darron Piercy
Title: How would the introduction of a learning journal impact on learning and practice within a practical construction training setting?
Format: Comic strip



F. Watson (Total People)Organisation: Total People Ltd
Contact: Freda Watson
Title: To develop a practical and engaging initial assessment maths tool for learners at Entry 2 and below, that will engage learners whilst providing accurate and relevant information
Format: Padlet

S.Morgan (ValkyrieFINAL)Organisation: Valkyrie Support Services
Contact: Sue Morgan
Title: Design and pilot a mechanical aptitude initial assessment which is contextualised to the engineering sector
Format: Poster and Appendices  Other themes: English, maths and ESOL

K. Langford (West Suffolk Coll)Organisation: West Suffolk College
Contact: Kathryn Langford
Title: Questions, questions, questions – exploring the use of questioning in the classroom in the FE sector
Format: Padlet  Other themes: Teaching methods


Chloe Hynes (2) Wirral L&FLSOrganisation: Wirral Lifelong and Family Learning Service
Contact: June Vernon
Title: Explore approaches to tutor written feedback that effectively support learner thinking and reflection skills
Format: Padlet and Prezi  Other themes: Using technology,  English, maths and ESOL

H.McGouran(WirralMet)Organisation: Wirral Metropolitan College
Contact: Heather McGouran
Title: Can vocational subjects, such as catering, improve manual dexterity?
Poster and Report


H.Richardson(WEA)Organisation: WEA Y & H Region
Contact: Hazel Richardson
Title: Assessing levels of dyslexia amongst multilingual learners in order to improve teaching practice, target setting and achievement
Report and poster  Other themes: ESOL