Designing holistic learning programmes

The team from Linkage College undertook their research in their new ‘Specialist Transitionary Autism Resource’ (STAR) house, which is for learners with severe complex and challenging behaviours who have been difficult to place and excluded from educational learning opportunities. The research team investigated a non-accredited learning approach, using a newly designed competency framework. They found that it enabled learners to add competency depth and breadth to their learning and life practices, rather than proceeding in a cyclical movement within the same accreditation level. Using the competency framework also supported independence, by focusing on personal attributes and qualities that are holistic and transferable, not isolated skills.

M.Harris(LinkageCommTrust)Organisation: Linkage Community Trust – Linkage College
Contact: Marie Harris
Research title:’Square peg, Square hole’ personalised curriculum
Format of report: E-book