Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity research projects covered a broad spectrum of protected characteristics including disability, religion and race. In addition, learners who were care leavers and adults who were disadvantaged in other ways were also the subject of research projects. Read more

F.Hanson(BostonColl)Organisation: Boston College
Contact: Frank Hanson
Title: J20 (Journey to Outstanding): Embedding faith and religion in the Curriculum
Format: Website


L.Lavender(CalderdaleColl)Organisation: Calderdale College
Contact: Laura Lavender
Title: Do you know who I am?
Format: Padlet  Other themes: English, maths and ESOL


D.Dickens(CityofBristolColl)Organisation: City of Bristol College
Contact: Denise Dickens
Title: Looking the same but needing difference: enabling engagement of care leavers in post 16 education.
Format: Presentation and Prezi
Other themes: Designing holistic learning programmes

J.Tester(OakwoodCourtColl)Organisation: Phoenix Learning and Care, Oakwood Court College
Contact: Julia Tester and Sam Fox
Title:“Everybody is beautiful” celebrating equality and diversity in a curriculum for students on the Autistic spectrum with difficulties with empathy
Format:  Written report and appendices
Other themes: Teaching methods


V.Beauchamp(WEA)Organisation: WEA Yorkshire & Humber Region
Contact: Victoria Beauchamp and Nicola Thorpe
Title: Assessing & measuring the impact of using cultural venues as an educational resource for disadvantaged adults
Format: Written report and poster
Other themes: Designing holistic learning programmes