Teaching methods

Practitioner-research into teaching methods was linked closely to continuing professional development (CPD) and observations of teaching, learning and assessment (OTLAs), especially observations carried out by peers. Read more

L.Spenceley(GranthamColl)Organisation: Grantham College
Contact: Lydia Spenceley
Title: Stepping it up a gear – identifying the support needs of FE teachers delivering HE courses in an FE context
Format: Presentation


S.Taylor(HMPDovegate)Organisation: HMP Dovegate (SERCO) Education Department, Offender Learning.
Contact: Stephanie Taylor
Title: Can lesson study support the continuous professional development of offender educators and enhance offender learning provision?
Format: Written Report  Other themes: English, maths and ESOL


A.Ord(N.NottsColl)Organisation: North Nottinghamshire College
Contact: Ann Ord
Title: More than just a workshop? (CPD through modelling good practice)
Format: Written report and poster (interactive)
Other themes: Using technology


P.Martin&S.Barnes(NorthamptonColl)Organisation: Northampton College
Contact: Philip Martin
Title: Food preparation and cooking techniques and restaurant service skills video bank
Format: Prezi  Other themes: Using technology


J.Martin&S.Stansfield(ShrewsburyColl)Organisation: Shrewsbury College
Contact: Jane Martin and Sandra Stansfield
Title: To explore the impact of Learning Communities as a professional development strategy to improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment
Format: Prezi

D.Cullen(TheVocColl)Organisation: The Vocational College
Contact: Debbie Cullen
Title: Can self-evaluation lead to improvement in teaching practice?
Format: Prezi

R.Gallen(TowerHamletsColl)Organisation: Tower Hamlets College
Contact: Richard Gallen
Title: Capturing and working with emergent language in the ESOL classroom
Format: Written report  Other themes: English, maths and ESOL